LA Mfg.

Based in Los Angeles, LA Mfg. is a platform to produce and distribute printed matter initiated for the single intention of expressing a narrative. By focusing on posters, type and large format newsprint, LA Mfg. celebrates the print production process by exploring the use of color, paper and formats such as screen printing and offset. 


Serving as an experimental channel, Lt&d. produces limited edition posters for unconventional fonts developed by Lux Typographic + Design. Each poster serves as a showcase of the formal qualities of its respective font. The fonts developed for this initiative stand to the side of that of conventional type faces in that issues of legibility are secondary to that of form.


Published by LA Mfg., Flormat is an ongoing publication where an impulsive notion is developed into a rational narrative. Ordinary, often overlooked subjects are explored. If possibilities reveal themselves, further exploration is dedicated to surface a compelling story.

Greg Lindy

As creative director of  LA Mfg. and Lux Typographic + Design, LA Mfg. represents a place for self initiated works in the ‘non typographic’ realm to be presented.