Oct 2016

LA Mfg. / Lux Typo featured on Typetoken

Typetoken, an online magazine from the UK showcasing and discussing the world of typography, recently featured LA Mfg./LuxTypo. With a global reach, Typetoken is the site to find out what is current in the typographic landscape and who the luminaries are that are shaping it.

Thanks to David at Treble Seven

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July 2016

Freight and Passengers event at Actual Source

To coincide with the launch of LA Mfg., LuxTypo and Actual Source teamed up to host, Freight and Passengers . Staged at the Actual Source gallery in Provo, the pop-up design happening featured font posters, large format newsprint and other printed matter by LA Mfg. The identity graphics of the show introduced the upcoming font release from Lux Typo, Fabriga.

A big ‘thanks' to all that attended and purchased product, it was a fun night. And… a mega-ton ‘thanks' to the Actual Source guys, DJ OK Ikumi, Colton’s Ice Cream Cart, Ernie’s Food Truck and Weston Colton.

Solid between LA and Provo.

Check out the event pictures here